We have tried and won a myriad of cases: from business and commercial cases to products cases for the giants of U.S. industry; from patent and federal trade cases to murder cases where lives hung in the balance; from personal injury cases to civil rights cases that changed the legal landscape. We have decades of trial and appellate experience, and the good judgment such experience brings. Our attorneys are resourceful, tough, and committed to our clients’ interests, and we have the ability to keep the orders, verdicts and judgments we obtain on appeal. Here are a few of the results that we were able to deliver to our clients.

Ruszczyk v. Noor, et al.

U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota (2019)

On July 15, 2017, Justine Maia Ruszczyk was murdered by Mohamed Mohamed Noor, a Minneapolis Police officer. Justine had called 911 to report a possible sexual assault in the alleyway behind her home in the Fulton neighborhood of Minneapolis. Justine was murdered in the same alleyway. She was barefoot and wearing pink pajamas. She had not committed any crime. She had not displayed any aggression. She was unarmed. She posed no threat to Noor or his partner, Matthew Harrity, or anyone else on the scene.

Castile v. Village of St. Anthony

U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota (2017)

On July 6, 2016, Philando Castile was shot and killed by Jeronimo Yanez, a St. Anthony police officer, after being pulled over. Castile was shot numerous time after informing Yanez he had a permit to carry. The aftermath of the shooting was live-streamed via Facebook.

In re: Individual 35W Bridge Litigation

Hennepin County District Court, Minnesota (2010)

Key member of consortium that obtained settlement on behalf of victims from the Minneapolis 35W bridge collapse

Baker v. City of St. Paul, et al.

U. S. District Court, District of Minnesota (2017)

On June 25, 2016, Frank Baker was viciously attacked by Paul Police officer Ficcadenti’s police K9 and kicked three times in the ribs by officer Palkowitsch, while he was trying to comply with the officers’ orders.

Robinson et al. v. Ramsey County et al.

Hennepin County District Court, Minnesota (2010)

Achieved landmark success in a class action on behalf of inmates, who contracted TB while at the Ramsey County Correctional Facility. One of the most successful prosecutions of a TB outbreak against a correctional facility in United States history.

Sieff v. City of Chaska, et al.

U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota (2017)

On February 7, 2014 Dawn Marie Pfister was shot and killed by Brady Juell of the Chaska Police Department after obtaining a small folding knife with a 3 ¼ inch blade from Matthew Serbus who had held her hostage and menaced her with the same knife.

Taylor v. Minneapolis Golf Club

Hennepin County District Court, Minnesota (2008)

Wrongful death of six-year old girl who was seriously injured while in the kiddie pool at the Minneapolis Golf Club.

Ngo v. Storlie

U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota (2007)

Police shooting case.

Olesen v. Roddy

U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota (2018)

Trevor Olesen suffered a prolonged police K9 attack on May 26, 2016 that resulted in gaping wounds to his right leg. A portion of the K9 attack was captured by drone. The drone video shows Olesen being viciously attacked by K9 Jax, who was deployed on Olesen by Defendant Roddy, a K9 handler and police officer with the City of Fridley.

Gustafson v. Pederson

Hennepin County District Court (2018)

In October of 2017, Pederson negligently operated a semi-tractor and trailer combination on Highway 10 in Big Lake, Minnesota. Pederson, while making a left turn at 162nd Lane, stopped the semi-tractor and trailer and blocked westbound traffic on Highway 10, leading to a collision that severely injured James Gustafson. The tractor was owned by Pevito Transportation and was leased, along with the driver Pederson, to Cheesebrough Trucking, Inc.

Yang v. Chadbourne

U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota (2015)

Federal civil rights action stemming from the January 25, 2014 incident where Brooklyn Park probationary police officer Jason Chadbourne panicked and fired his service weapon six times into a snow-covered vehicle was it backed slowly out of its parking space, hitting Shoua Yang three times.  Yang, along with his cousin and friend, were at a banquet hall for a Valentine’s Day party and  decided to leave after a fight broke out.  Chadbourne arrived on the scene and followed the men to determine if they were involved in the fight – they were not.  Chadbourne did not issue any commands to Yang and had no information that Yang had committed any crime.  Yet, Chadbourne positioned himself behind the snow-covered vehicle and fired six times – later claiming the vehicle was speeding in reverse at him – a claim unsupported and refuted by the evidence.  Yang was hit in the back, neck and shoulder and one of the bullets severed his kidney and almost killed him.

Kucera v. Jespsersen, et al.

U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota (2014)

Federal civil rights wrongful death action regarding the suicide of Kathryn Marie Schneider, a 28-year-old mother, who hanged herself at the Koochiching County Jail.