Tax Fraud

What is Tax Fraud?

Tax fraud typically means a person lying about – or misrepresenting – a fact in a tax filing to try to pay less taxes than the government thinks that person should.

Tax Fraud & the IRS

When the IRS Criminal Investigations Division makes the critical decision to prosecute for tax fraud, the IRS conviction rate is shockingly high. That is why—when it comes to tax fraud—getting out in front the matter is extremely important. More importantly, it requires specific knowledge and precision. That is where our lawyers come in. We have handled many tax investigations before commencement of criminal proceedings, and we have handled federal tax evasion, failure to file, and failure to pay charges, among other related charges.

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If an investigation has been commenced against you or if you have reason to believe you are being investigated, you should contact a lawyer now to try to get out in front of your problem.

Tax Fraud Lawyers

Whether you’re facing an investigation for tax-related matters or whether you’ve been charged with tax fraud or tax-related crimes, you want lawyers who know what they are doing. With a CPA on our team of elite defense attorneys, we are highly qualified and very knowledgeable about the investigative process and criminal proceedings.

Whether you want to go to trial or want a quiet settlement, you need a lawyer with the knowledge and experience to help you fight for the best possible outcome in your case. Having a lawyer before you talk to a police officer or federal agent is one of your rights as an American and it is wise to talk with a lawyer before you try to “go it alone” against powerful and experienced opposing forces. Lawyers at Gaskins Bennett & Birrell have handled many complex tax fraud cases involving unique legal and factual issues. Effective lawyers have to have a savvy understanding of these issues and a determination to wade through the facts and tell your side of the story.

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