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Have you been the victim of a police shooting?  Have you lost a loved one from a police shooting you believe was unjustified?  If so, you need the help of  the attorneys at Gaskins Bennett Birrell, LLP.  Contact us today for a free consultation regarding the specifics of your case.  We have extensive practice in this area, and have a track record of recovering millions for victims of unjustified police shootings and their families.  Unless a person shoots at officers or hurts others in the presence of the police, it is usually unnecessary for police to be shooting.  Unlawful shootings by police are considered excessive force, and are a violation of rights.

Tensions are High

Whenever police are involved in a situation, tensions are automatically raised.  In turn, individuals may panic and behave irrationally.  The police are sworn to protect citizens, and trained in ways to calm intense circumstances and the people involved.  If inadequately trained, there is the problem of excessive force being used by the police, often by the way of shootings, when not necessary.  The police firearm should be used in only extreme situations, and every other method to calm the conflict should be used in exhaustion before firing, even when using non-lethal methods such as bean bag guns or tasers.  Although non-lethal, these methods of control can still cause significant injury to the victim, and should not be used unless absolutely necessary.  Recent victims of police shootings from bean bag shot guns have needed emergency surgery, and even died as a result of the wound.  In many cases, this is due to a lack of training for the police officer.

The Next Step

If you have lost a loved one due to a police shooting you believe to be unjustified, or are yourself a victim of an unjustified police shooting, it is important for you to take action immediately.  Although an investigation of all police shootings is done by the police department, that can hardly be considered an objective investigation, when it is obvious they will lean toward the shooting being justified if there is any question on how evidence can be construed.  Our attorneys will be able to uncover any evidence necessary to find out what actually occurred to result in the shooting.  Contact Gaskins Bennett Birrell, LLP today to find out how we can help you.

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