GBB’s Robert Bennett, Katie Bennett and Civil Rights Team Settle Cass County Jail Suicide Lawsuit for $2 Million

Federal Prosecutor Seeks Protections Against Alleged Collusion by Police Officers
February 1, 2019
GBB’s Robert Bennett, Andrew Noel, Katie Bennett and Marc Betinsky Settle Ruszczyk v. Noor, et al for $20 Million
May 10, 2019

GBB’s Robert Bennett, Katie Bennett and the rest of the civil rights team recently reached a settlement of $2 million with Cass County on behalf of the family of Darren Benais, Sr., an individual that suffered from mental health and substance abuse issues. On March 14, 2018, Mr. Benais ingested windshield washer fluid while in a Cass County transport van – a fact that was discovered by the correctional officer/van driver and was relayed to numerous other Cass County correctional officers. Despite the knowledge, none of the Cass County personnel did anything to address Mr. Benais’s ingestion of the toxic fluid. Instead, Mr. Benais was left where he fell on the floor of his cell, writhing in pain. That is where he spent the rest of his life – a life that could have been saved if the proper treatment for methanol poisoning had been administered. For more information on the case, visit KSTP.