GBB’s Robert Bennett, Andrew Noel and Marc Betinsky Settle Todd County Jail Suicide Lawsuit for $1.8 Million

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GBB’s Robert Bennett, Andrew Noel and Marc Betinsky reached a settlement of $1.8 million earlier this week with Todd County on behalf of the family of Brett Huber Jr. Huber Jr., an individual that struggled with addiction and mental health issues, killed himself in the Todd County jail in June of 2017. Prior to his death, he attempted suicide and exhibited other bizarre behavior while at the jail – all of which had been observed by Todd County staff. Yet, Huber Jr. was never evaluated by a mental health professional.

On the day of his suicide, jail cameras recorded Huber Jr. in his cell as he spent several minutes fashioning a noose out of bed sheets. Jail staff did not stop him. Instead, jail staff logged a “check” of his cell at the time he hanged himself. The “check” was a complete fabrication.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections determined that the Todd County jail is “chronically understaffed.” Further, the jail has been repeatedly cited for failing to keep inmates safe.

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