GBB’s Katie Bennett and Marc Betinsky Settle Section 1983 K9 Lawsuit for $350,000

GBB’s Robert Bennett, Andrew Noel and Marc Betinsky Prove Section 1983 Dog Bite as a Matter of Law
August 9, 2018
GBB’s Civil Rights Team Settles St. Paul Police K9 Case for $520,000
September 28, 2018

Trevor Olesen suffered a prolonged police K9 attack on May 26, 2016 that resulted in gaping wounds to his right leg. A portion of the K9 attack was captured by drone. The drone video shows Olesen being viciously attacked by K9 Jax, who was deployed on Olesen by Defendant Roddy, a K9 handler and police officer with the City of Fridley. Olesen was on the ground and handcuffed during the attack visible on the drone video. The video also shows Defendant Roddy physically struggling to remove Jax from Olesen.

Defendant Roddy’s recently recovered squad video illustrates that not only could he not control his K9, but he could not control himself – he threatened to send his K9 into the ambulance with Olesen as Olesen was receiving care from EMS personnel.

Jax was retired in early 2018. In his short career with Roddy and the Fridley Police Department, he inflicted serious wounds on Olesen, bit a Columbia Heights officer and bit his handler, Defendant Roddy, twice. After Jax’s retirement, Roddy was assigned a new K9, Finn.

Anoka County approved the settlement for $350,000 on September 11. The County was responsible for paying due to a mutual aid agreement with the City and, because, on May 26 Anoka County Deputies requested K9 assistance to which Roddy and Jax responded.

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