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December 4, 2018
Elements of Fraud, Gaskins Bennett Birrell, Criminal Defense

What Are the Elements of Fraud – and Why do They Matter?

What Are the Elements of Fraud (Federal Court) – and Why do They Matter? Sometimes – especially when money is involved – lawyers, judges, and ordinary people are in situations where what happened in a situation is fairly clear, but the interpretations of that differ. A prosecutor might look at […]
October 19, 2018
Federal target letter, criminal defense, Gaskins Bennett Birrell, LLP

What to Do When You Receive a Federal Target Letter

Receiving a Federal Target Letter If you get a letter from an Assistant United States Attorney that says you are the “target” of a grand jury investigation then you have been given what lawyers call a “target letter” (federal target letter). There are a few ways this could happen. Maybe […]