Steve Gaskins

Managing Partner


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Steve Gaskins has been trying cases in Minnesota and around the country since he moved to Minneapolis in 1982. Before that, he was a prosecutor in New York City in the office of legendary District Attorney Robert M. Morgenthau. On July 4, 1989 he left his partnership at what was then Faegre & Benson and, with great partners—including especially the late, great George Flynn—started a new, litigation-only law firm.

Over the past decade, in addition to handling his normal trial docket, Steve has been the wartime counsel and consiglieri to Special Litigation Committees, CEOs, and shareholders during internal investigations of potentially explosive corporate controversies. These disputations have roiled not only public companies but also closely-held ones. If you’ve got a complex problem, he should be on your list.

Representative Cases

Kokocinski v. Collins

850, F.3d 354 (8th Cir. 2017)

Represented Medtronic Special Litigation Committee during 18-month investigation in trial court, and on appeal. This was one of several derivative claims and suits involving the investigation and court appearances for the SLC.

Davis, et al. v. Steinhafel, et al.

14-cv-00203 (PAM/JJK/2016)

Represented Target Special Litigation Committee in 21-month investigation and in trial court.

United Health Group Derivative Litigation

754 N.W.2d 544, United Health Group PSLRA Litigation (02-cv-1691)(JMR/FLN)

Represented CEO in multiple parallel proceedings involving derivative and securities cases.

Woodmen of the World Life Ins. Co. v. U.S. Bank, N.A.

8:09-cv-00407 D. Neb. 2013

Represented U.S. Bank’s interests in a securities lending dispute arising out of sub-prime mortgage paper crisis.