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In October 2002, while Andy was waiting for his bar results, he helped Bob Bennett try a civil rights case in Milwaukee. They represented the mother of a man who had committed suicide in prison. He was in prison for assaulting her! Bob and Andy won a jury verdict for her of over $2 Million. And Andy was hooked. He loves his clients. Since then, Andy has worked with Bob on virtually all of the important civil rights cases brought in the State of Minnesota. When he is not suing the police, Andy is suing those who hurt or kill people through careless illegal conduct. These cases include a 6 year-old girl who lost her life in a kiddie pool when she sat on an uncovered drain, the wife and children of a young father who was killed and other people who were hurt when the I-35W Bridge collapsed, and the mother of a 7 year-old boy who drowned in an unguarded, apartment swimming pool whose older son nearly drowned at the same time. Together, Andy, Bob and their team have won through trial or settlement many of the largest awards in Minnesota history.

In the 15 years of working together, they have developed a rhythm that allows them and the others on the team to manage many large, complicated cases at the same time. The only matter of significant disagreement in the practice group is Andy's love of the Green Bay Packers.


J.D., Mitchell Hamline University School of Law

Professional Recognition

Rising Star - Super Lawyers (2005-2015)
Super Lawyers (2016-2018)
Attorney of the Year – Minnesota Lawyer (2014)

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